Commercial Garbage pick up is every Wednesday – Waste Management; Friday – Loraas

Commercial Recycling Waste Management – Thursdays , Loraas – Thursdays

Our Transfer Station is operated under the Red Coat Waste Resource Authority.

Residential garbage pickup is now alternating (every other week) Fridays & each home has a large Loraas garbage cart in which to place household garbage. These carts must be curbside by 7am each Friday. The fee for this waste disposal system is $11 per month & will be applied to your quarterly water bills as $33 for each 3 months.

Garbage & Recycle Calendar

2017 01 05 Recycle calendar


*****Opened and manned during these hours only: ***** SUMMER HOURS: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday – 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

All fees must be paid by cash or cheque upon arrival. The transfer station will not accept any on account credit.

Accepted at the Transfer Station at no cost to you are:

  • trees and clean lumber only
  • compost material, weeds, leaves, grass clippings etc.
  • renovation material – gyproc, drywall, wooden doors/window frames(no glass or hardware)
  • concrete (must be placed in the proper area)

Accepted for a fee (payable to the attendant) and must be placed in the metal transfer bins at the Transfer Station:

General household garbage:

  • bagged garbage – $1.00/bag
  • 1/2 ton truck full – $20.00
  • 1 ton truck deck – $40.00
  • 3 ton truck full – $120.00

Shingles (asphalt, tar etc.) – place shingles as directed by the supervisor (no lumber)

  • 1/2 ton truck full – $75.00
  • 1 ton truck full – $150.00
  • 3 ton truck full – $450.00

Accepted and placed as directed- Mattresses, couches, chairs, boxspring, etc. – $10.00/each

Steel appliances $10.00 each (must be put on the steel pile free of Freon) For disposal of:

** NOT ACCEPTED – TIRES- as per the Scrap Tire Corporation Agreement



Curbside Recycling

Please place recyclables in your recycle  bin:

Cardboard – corrugated only – FLATTENED

Newsprint / flyers and anything that comes with the newspaper.

Tin – food cans, washed and flattened. NO steel coat hangers.

Mixed Paper – coloured paper, business forms, carbonless – treated paper, sticky notes, colour & window envelopes, file folders (brown and coloured), shredded paper, Sears Catalogues, magazines and Boxboard i.e. cereal boxes, paper towel & toilet paper rolls, tissue boxes folded flat with plastic removed.

Plastics- please check for ID codes #1-7. Some typical uses are:

#1 liquid detergent bottles, margarine containers

#2 Shampoo bottles, coloured food & cleaning product bottles, marked yogurt containers

#4 Milk jug caps and juice jug caps

#3 (i.e. some clear beverage bottles, vacuum formed food containers

#5 Marked yogurt and cottage cheese containers

# 6 (some yogurt and cottage cheese containers, cups and bowls)

#7 Plastic bags, water softener salt bags


**Milk jugs & cartons and juice containers to SARCAN – PLEASE! **

(You are encouraged to recycle these at Sarcan – the busier Sarcan is the more days we can open.)


We are asking you to please follow the rules and the end result will assist in ensuring our community is Environmentally Friendly.

Sarcan is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9-12 & 1-5 for your convenience for bottles, juice boxes and cans returns and refunds. Sarcan also accepts milk jugs and cartons, paint cans and electronic equipment such as computers. We encourage recycling!

The Eco-Centre is located on 740 Pacific Street to accept used oil and oil filters for recycling. Phone 697-2815 or 697-2797 for an appointment to drop off these recyclables.