On August 22, 2018, the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) announced the temporary closure of the Grenfell & District Pioneer Home, and the subsequent relocation of its 21 senior residents.

The closure was made mandatory due to the discovery of mould growing in several locations including resident rooms and common areas throughout the facility.

In addition to the relocation of 21 residents, 63 staff employed by the Pioneer Home were left without work – permanent employees were laid off while temporary positions ended.

The Town of Grenfell Mayor and Council have expressed their extreme disappointment in the temporary closure of the care home, and will continue to lobby Government for remediation and/or new construction.

“We are deeply concerned with the short term and long term consequences this closure will have on residents and businesses in Grenfell.”

MLA Steven Bonk has reassured the Town of Grenfell that government is moving forward with the process of returning long-term care to the community.

Thus far, Mayor Rod Wolfe has led a delegation to the Saskatchewan Legislature to meet with officials from the Ministry of Health. Mayor and Council has met and continues to discuss the situation with representatives from RM of Elcapo and the RM of Wolseley.

A Request for Expression Of Interest (REOI) was released on September 21 to record potential interest for private sector construction with government funded operation. REOI submissions were made, and as of November 2nd, the SHA is analyzing those proposals and will engage with the private sector for further discussion.

Some equipment was moved with residents to better accommodate their needs, while the remaining equipment has been inventoried and tagged at the care home and is awaiting removal, to be placed in storage.

At current, Mayor and Council has reported no progress from SHA in respect to the mould testing – which will determine the extent of damage and help to establish a future course of action. Mayor and Council is actively encouraging the testing and remains in contact with the SHA and Ministry of Health on a weekly basis.

If you have any questions or require clarification, please direct your comments to Mayor Rod Wolfe or a member of Council.


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