Abandoned Dogs within Town Limits

At 12:30 on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 the Council for the Town of Grenfell held an emergency special meeting to discuss the situation of the abandoned dogs and a reported physical encounter within town limits.

After much discussion it was decided to have the dogs euthanized. At 1:35 p.m. this was carried out. All possible precautions were taken during this process to both ensure the safety of the citizens of Grenfell, and make the process as painless as possible for the affected dogs.

The Town of Grenfell would like to thank its many residents who have spent the last several days caring for these abandoned animals, and ensuring they did not suffer in their time of peril.

While we recognize this decision will be difficult to handle for many people, Council felt that all available options were exhausted over the last several days, and the safest route for the residents of Grenfell was to have the dogs euthanized.

This decision was made in consultation with various agencies including the RCMP, veterinarians, animal protection services and citizens. If anyone has any questions about the decision made or the process that led to it, we encourage you to reach out to any Council member or the CAO.

This was a difficult day for all of us. Let us always remember that the responsibility and care for animals should not be taken lightly, and there are always better options than abandoning animals who so very much depend on us for survival. Some of the options surrendering pets are the SPCA or local pet rescues.

This is a situation that has not been seen in our town, and Council has committed to reviewing our procedures and available resources to better handle a similar situation should it ever arise in the future.


Town of Grenfell