Regular council meetings are open to the public and are held at 7 p.m. on the first and third Thursday of each month at the Town Office in the Council Chambers at 800 Desmond Street, unless otherwise posted.

All submissions / delegations to Council must be received no later than 12 p.m., the Thursday prior to the meeting.

Inquires can be directed to (306) 697-2815 or the  Town of Grenfell.

Speaking before Council
Council’s procedures are laid out in the Council Procedures Bylaw. This speaks to the actions that councillors and members of the public must adhere to.

Individuals or groups wishing to make a delegation on a topic directly to Council should contact the Town office in writing as well as verbally no later than 12 p.m. the Thursday prior to Council’s regular meeting date with the material to be included in the meeting Agenda. Please also name the spokesperson for the delegation (note: no more than three people can be designated as spokespeople).

A name, phone number and mailing address must be included with the request.

Tips for Presenting

  • Delegations are typically placed at the beginning of the Agenda, unless a specific time is requested and granted by Council.  When Council is ready to hear the delegation, the Mayor or acting Chair will call the individual(s) forward to address Council.
  • A high level of decorum is expected of delegates in attendance.  Please refrain from talking when other delegations are speaking and when Council is in session.
  • Delegations should not exceed more than 15 minutes, excluding time to answer any questions put forward by Council.  Unless otherwise permitted, spokespersons should be limited to one individual.
  • Direct comments to the Mayor, not to staff members or members of the gallery.
  • If you wish to leave after you have been heard by Mayor and Council, please do so in a quiet and orderly manner so as to not interrupt the proceedings.
  • If any audio/visual equipment is required, please advise the Town Office prior to the meeting.  If using materials like DVDs, CDs, or USB flash drives, please provide any information in advance.
  • Please provide electronic copies of all required materials for discussion.
  • Councillors will ask only those questions which are relevant to the subject of the hearing and will avoid repetition.  Delegations speaking to the subject will be restricted to the subject matter only.
  • Any decision items required by or related to a delegation issue will be scheduled under the Decision Items portion of the agenda.  Delegations will be informed by letter of any Council resolutions that result from speaking with Council.