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Water & Sewer

The Town of Grenfell water system consists of two wells which have a capacity sufficient enough to provide water for 6,500 persons assuming on both wells an average demand of 288 litres per person, per day. 

The Town of Grenfell has a Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plan which can process 1199 m3 / day (in 22 hours). The Town’s reservoir has a current capacity of 1015 m3, sufficient for its population.

Water Service Charges 
The following quarterly rates apply for the use of water (2020 rates):

a. $61.00 for the first 4,000 gallons;
b. An additional $8.00 per thousand gallons (4001- 8000 gallons)
c. An additional $8.50 per thousand gallons (8001+ gallons)

Waste Water and Sewage 

Effluent Disposal
The primary cell has an area of 11.52 acres which provides a treatment capacity of 1815 persons (745 more than the projected growth requirement). The secondary cell has a storage capacity which provides sufficient storage for 1,918 people for 210 days, this is 918 persons more than the projected growth requirement.

Storm Water
Drainage is handled by a combination of storm water pipe and surface drainage (major system).

Waste Water and Sewer Charges 
The following quarterly rates apply for the use of sewer:

a. Residential $26.25 per quarter
b. Mobile home residential shall be considered commercial
c. Commercial $2.30 per 1,000 gallons of metered water over 8,000 gallons with a minimum charge of $26.25 per quarter 

Bulk Water

Bulk Water can be purchased and obtained by contacting the Town Office and scheduling a fill with the Public Works Department. The Bulk Water fill is located adjacent to the Grenfell Water Treatment Plant (730 Pacific Street).
Reverse Osmosis Bulk Water Charge is as follows:
.07 cents/ gallon with a 200 gallon minimum
$10 service charge

Untreated Water can also be obtained April through October, free of charge from the well, located just north of the Lake Street and Assiniboia Avenue intersection.