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Property Rentals

Grenfell Rental Properties

This is Grenfell's Rental Properties, Please contact the landlord about availability.

Rod Wolfe2 One bedroom & 2 two bedroom306-697-7067
Greg Kennedy1 Three bedroom house & 2 two bedroom complex306-737-7551
Jamie Gorchynski1 Two bedroom & 1 three bedroom houses306-697-7067
Roddy Schultz2 Two bedroom & 2 three bedroom houses306-697-7055
Suzanne Hawkshaw & Willy Lichaz1 One bedroom house306-697-3396
Andrea Charanduk1 Three bedroom house306-537-6467
Willie Patron2 Two bedroom houses306-697-2634
Danean KarlunchuckBasement Bachelor suite306-697-8098
Kevin Speidelsbach1 Two bedroom house306-697-7587
Cindy Williams1 Two  bedroom house306-697-7530
Gib/Betty1 Four bedroom house306-794-2111
Ken Rempel1 Apartments204-750-3286
Alvin Speidelsbach1 Basement suite306-697-3200
Shannon DykeRemax Realtor306-697-7768
Grenfell Mobile Home Park

Grenfell Housing Authority

Providing 3 bedroom family houses and 1 bedroom units.

Houses are for families with children. Target clients for units are people 55 years and over as well as people on disability.

Application forms are available upon request.

References are required for more information please contact:

Brenda Trithart, manager