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2021 Revaluation

Notice of Preparation of Assessment Roll (March 3, 2021)

Revaluation 2021

Provincial legislation requires that all property values throughout Saskatchewan be updated every four years. This is because property values change over time due to changing market conditions. 2021 is a revaluation year and property assessments will be updated to reflect property values as of January 1, 2019.

How are Revaluations different from maintenance or reinspections?

Revaluations update the market value of a property to a new base date, they are not a physical reinspection of a property. As opposed to maintenance or reinspections, which often seek to update physical changes to a property, revaluations are centred on updating the value of a property to the new market base date. 

What does 2021 mean to you?

Preliminary trend information for the 2021 Revaluation shows smaller shifts for most property types as compared with the 2017 Revaluation. Provincial legislation requires municipalities to use these values when determining taxes.